Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Girls?

People usually look a little sympathetic when I tell them I have two baby girls. Some sigh a little, others talk about fate and how we are powerless against its machinations, a few say they hope the next one will be a boy and then get red - faced when they see the look on my face. But my gyno's reaction takes the cake by far...
As I lay on the operation table, trying not to feel like a chicken on a butcher's block, telling myself repeatedly that it would all be over in a few minutes, and I'll finally know the sex of my baby, the room suddenly went still and I heard something that sounded like a mouse. And then Doc told me in a voice loaded with apprehension, "Its a girl Anuja".
"Ok, Can I see her?" said I.
"Sedate her! Do it now!" Doc told the anesthetic in an urgent whisper.
Next second I was out cold and I had not seen my baby! Boy was I mad when I came to. What the hell did they think I would do? Perhaps they expected me to conjure up a machine gun and go on a killing spree...Later Doc told me (by way of explanation for her unforgiveable behaviour) that she thought it was awesome that I was cool with having two girls and not many people handle the whole thing with anything close to equanimity.
A Doc buddy told me the same thing. Apparently there are cases where husbands and in - laws storm out of the hospital leaving the poor mommies sobbing into their pillows. Others pay Docs to tell them the sex of the baby though it is illegal and then opt for an abortion if its a girl. And my maid showed me an innocuous little plant (the internet tells me it is the oleander plant) and told me with ghoulish relish that somebody she knew had used it to poison and get rid of an unwanted female child!!
Anyways its far too depressing to think about all the crap that goes on in the world. I am just glad I don't have to worry about getting peed on in the face, Oedipus complex, future battles with the chippy who my hypothetical son was stupid enough to marry, etc. My only regret was I could not use the perfect name I came up with in case it was a boy - Agni (Imagine how cool it would be to introduce yourself as fire!) So anyone reading this can feel free to use my cool name for his/her son. You have my blessing.
Finally, for those who worry that they may wind up with a 'female' I have only one thing to say - Just give your lil gal a chance, trust me, she'll make you fall head - over - heels in love. And yes I read that over and lines like that are super cheesy but this one has the redeeming factor of being the truth :)


  1. This kind of stupidity happens in our country only when the sex ratio is around/less than 900 females per 1000 males. Salem and Namakkal districts have the highest numbers under female infanticide.

    Another related problem is finding a bride. It was a pain for my cousin and almost for every bride groom I know had a wait time of 2 years. I blame all this nonsense on this female infanticide. And it will only get worser in future!

  2. Yeah we really have to get our perspective straight in these parts..

  3. You always mix humor with Seriousness ! "Siva - dump" is a fine example of it !

    Its a depressing topic ! Very well articulated ! The ratio is becoming indeed alarming !

    I hope this is a contrived way of nature correcting itself - in terms of population and punishing the offenders !

  4. rathika natarajprabuAugust 16, 2010 at 12:36 AM

    Your girls are such wonderful kids and i am sure they will have rocking futures.You are such a great mom and will make sure that they will never need to feel that they would have liked to have been boys.Boarding school was a blesssing for me.