Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crime and Punishment

Chinnathangam was married and had two sons, Hariprasad(4) and Karthick (1). Continually harassed and tortured by her husband and mother – in – law with their dowry demands she finally chose to end her life but not before poisoning her little ones. The monster – in - law and no – balls husband were duly arrested and tried. They were sentenced to 10 years rigorous imprisonment and slapped with a fine of Rs. 1000. The court in all its wisdom had decreed that the price for three prematurely snuffed out lives was a measly thousand bucks! Now doesn’t it warm the cockles of the heart when justice is served in such a manner? Soon, as per the dictates of this time honored system we will be letting off murderers with a gentle smack on the nose and rapists will get a richly deserved spanking. As for hardened gangsters they will be packed off to bed without dessert. After all it is only fair to ensure that criminals get punished in a manner befitting their crimes.
Finally, a word of advice to the moronic minions of the law – Take off the bloody kid gloves and use an iron fist while dealing with frickin sickos who hound people to death. Perhaps that will be a more effective method to stop dowry harassment as opposed to a lousy slap on the wrist and a miserable fine.

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