Monday, February 9, 2009

The Ant Killer

Veda (My 1 year old) killed an entire family of ants who were hurrying home after a hard day's work. For a few seconds there was complete mayhem as the would be victims fled in all directions. But their killer was merciless, she hunted them all down and vanquished them with her heel despite losing her balance a couple of times (her bottom was an effective weapon though! ). All attempts to stop the carnage by her mother were in vain. The little one evinced total satisfaction on a job well done and received the applause of an indulgent father with total delight and pride.
Her mother worried about the violent streak exhibited by her daughter but finally decided that Freud was right and aggression is a basic human drive that needs to be channeled in the right direction . Perhaps in the near future she will bring home so many Olympic golds she'll make Phelps look like a total chump (although he is doing an excellent job himself with his marijuana boo boo), or unlike her mum who was always one of those students who had the potential to do better but never did, she will become the biggest brain of her generation and will figure out a way to change soil to gold, or generate power from toe nails... the possibilities are endless. I think it is amazing how some parents can be so objective when it comes to their children :) In the meantime God save the ants!