Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monstrous Drivers of Monster Vehicles

I hate truck drivers, bus drivers, and other monstrous drivers of monster vehicles. I am sure anyone who has ever had the chance to hit the highway will have similar views. They drive like they own the road, rashly, imperiously, and are usually chewing betel leaves which they feel free to spit on your beloved and well - cared for car. I repeat, I hate em. They should all be castrated and quartered and hung out to dry. I may have lost some of you at this point but allow me to elaborate.
This morning's paper recorded another of their heinous, careless, callous acts and left me baying for blood. A Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation bus driver moved his vehicle before a 11 - year old could alight from the front exit. And the result? She fell on the road and the hind wheels ran over her hip, crushing her genitals and uterus. Her ilium (the largest bone in the pelvis) was fractured and the urinary tract, mangled. The doctors sewed her large intestine outside her stomach, with the result that her faecal matter will have to be collected in a bag. She also has to urinate through a tube. Suvanthiri (the girl's name) has been living this way for 10 years and the doctors have opined that her condition may be permanent. And the bloody bus driver? He is probably out somewhere drinking and whoring and driving like a madman endangering all who are unfortunate enough to cross his path.
I said it before and I'll say it again. Death to the Monsters and their lousy vehicles1


  1. Hi,

    Badri here, I can understand the lousy commercial vehicle drivers, but why spell death to the poor vehciles (my company makes them, already we are running in poor sales)......

    The thing is any state govt in India wants cheap buses and CV companies oblige by giving vehicles that are not equipped with safety and comfortable driver workspace which are standard abroad. As a result these drivers who are already have problems like piles (sitting for long hours) ulcers etc, added to the city traffic, poorly designed driver workspace etc have started having a mind of their own......Just saying that the govt and others are also responsible for the all the accidents and mishaps at the highways.

    Btw nice to see you blogging, now finally I got a chance to read the beautifully written essays as Mrs. Mala would describe........

  2. To become a driver in a State Transport Corporation vehicle, you have to be a maniacal killer, so no surprise there. Continue your meanderings, they make for enjoyable reading.

  3. Point noted Badri :) Ever the pacifist I see...
    And thanks laidback.

  4. Private transport companies are even worse - If they have an accident and injure a pedestrian, their usual modus operandi is to run over the person again until they are killed, as the penalty for killing a person is lower than the cost of their long term medical bills. Awful stuff. I like your blog.

  5. oh my god!!tats horrid!(dis is to ideamani's comment)its a big bad world we live in!