Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Fat Girfriend

Roger Federer is probably the greatest player that ever picked up a tennis racket. Little argument there. That being said, I hate him. He is like some sort of creepy Swiss version of the Terminator. C'mon! it is unfair to pit machines against mere mortals! On court his choices with regard to shot selection are near perfect but his choices off the court have been heavily criticized, particularly in girlfriends.
Fed's been with Miroslava "Mirka" Vavrinec since the Sydney Olympics, 2000. The good folks on this planet cannot believe someone of his stature can have a FAT girlfriend. Usually athletes are overpaid, given demigod status, and are expected to hang out with anorexic supermodels or bulimic pop - tartlets. Lewis Hamilton's pussycat doll and Pete Sampras's B - grade hollywood actress wife were accepted without a whimper. But poor Mirka and Fed have come in for a lot of heat. All kinds of aspersions have been cast on the poor guys sexuality and masculinity. Some believe he is actually gay and Mirka is a huge cover - up. OH MY GOD! I am so disgusted. Seriously people can be so ridiculous at times.
Personally the only thing I like about Fed is his plump and pretty gal. I think she offers hope to plus - sized women all over the world who would have hitherto thought that uber - successful, alpha males are the exclusive property of skinny babe types who probably eat less than Somalian starvation victims. Good luck to the two of them. And Fed, get off the court, give the mortals a chance dude!


  1. Well said about Mirka but I disagree about Roger. He is a gentleman compared to the one dimensional freaks like Nadal.

  2. Choosing between Federer and Nadal is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. But after the Aussie Open Final I am feeling more kindly towards the two.

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  4. Good start Anuja ! Liked the way you trampled on the Fed and then gave him his due :). Keep writing the good stuff

  5. hey anuja.
    lavan here....sukan kept raving about your blogspot that i just had to read what you had to say!
    keep going!

  6. d start was great!!!though i really cant understand wats dis big fuss abt fat!!!people have to grow up...der r fat beautiful,sexy,successful people on d planet...dis for all d critics abt fed's gal,r they in kindergarten or wat!!!