Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Necklace

I broke Veda's plate today by accident. In her three - year old world, it was a tragedy of epic proportions. Ignoring my apologies, she asked if I could repair it. When informed that it was past repairing, she picked up the broken pieces, disposed it herself and then teared up. Feeling like a murderous brute, I told her it was an accident and the damaged property would be replaced asap. But she was inconsolable.

An emergency phone call was made to her Dad and she sobbed her eyes out to him, while he played the superhero to her currently not - so - super- mom. Finally she was somewhat appeased after he promised to buy her a pink plate with Nemo on it or something of the sort and tons of chocolates besides. Hubby hung up but not before letting me know that his position as her favorite parent (highly questionable) had been strengthened. Veda let me off the hook after a solelmn lecture about the importance of being careful (I knew it by heart since I was the one who usually delivered it).

Having been tried and found guilty without a fair trial (my motives had not been taken into consideration, after all it was an accident and I did not do it on purpose), I felt terrible. It was time for damage control.

I told her that she could bunk her yoga class and spend the evening with me. She was not very enthused at first. But when she saw the items I had gathered for our fun evening - candles, matches, a bowl of water, needle and thread, gold sequins, and silver flowers, she was all fired up.

And so we made a necklace with gold sequins, silver flowers,and wax. Craft work is not exactly my forte and I do clumsy work but thankfully Veda did not notice. When I punctured my index finger for the hundreth time and drew blood, I had to listen to her "Be careful" lecture for the second time that evening.

All in all, minor mishaps and lack of craftmanship notwithstanding, the evening was a success. Veda loved her necklace and showed it off to everyone. I was told to keep it "carefully" in her cupboard. All was well again in her world. And mine.

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